Safe Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips

SOBER UP : Drive sober, not impaired by any alcohol, illegal drugs, or medication that can affect driving.
WAKE UP: Drive alert.  Have enough sleep, take regular breaks and stop if feeling tired.
BUCK UP: Drive with good eyesight and not stressed or physically ill.

Global status report

The Global status report on road safety 2013 presents information on road safety from 182 countries, accounting for almost 99% of the world’s population. Read more..>

How to get involved:
Companies can sponsor individual web pages. You will get a banner on the right side of the page you sponsor. This is a great way of directing traffic towards your own website. By featuring on Pamoja website you are demonstrating your commitment to road safety.

Everybody can do something to raise funds; have fun and raise awareness. Organize a fun day in your office, church, school, family, bar etc. Just do something. If you have ideas contact us and we can offer advice on how to go about it. We will supply educational and awareness materials, banners and even our mascot to support it all.

Funds will enable us launch various road safety campaigns, as well as helping us provide practical and emotional support to victims of road crashes.

We are grateful to the following organizations/individuals for sharing and supporting our vision. What a massive difference it would make if all Kenyans played their part in making our roads safer.

  1. Platinum Safety Management Limited
  2. John Mburu & Co. Advocates
  3. Riverwood Media Ltd
  4. Landmec Consultants
  5. Eagletech Security Services
  6. Sajom International Ltd
  7. Jilk Petroleum Ltd
  8. Jilk Tours & Travel