Global status report

The Global status report on road safety 2013 presents information on road safety from 182 countries, accounting for almost 99% of the world’s population. Read more..>

We run a one day intensive course titled, Road Safety and Defensive Driving.  Experienced drivers often become complacent.  As a result they sometimes overlook the obvious and therefore need reminding.

  • This course provides vital information and practical advice empowering the driver to make safe decisions.
  • Helps the driver minimize their risks when driving.
  • Helps the driver look after themselves, their family and other road users when driving.

Defensive Driving course teaches the driver how to become a pro active driver. To an average driver, “safe” is not having had an accident. To a defensive driver, “safe” means not being vulnerable to an accident.  In fact defensive driving is not rocket science, it is straightforward, safe, sensible driving – the sort of driving we should all do every time we get behind the wheel.This is what all the drivers must be taught and tested adequately before we allow them on the roads.

Our training introduces the art of commentary driving which helps the driver to develop a high visual horizon and the need to switch their eyes from “dipped” to “main beam” more frequently. The result is more information and more time to plan and anticipate. Then, in a calm controlled, polished and professional manner move the vehicle into the correct position at the correct speed at the approach to every hazard without drama. Added benefits are less braking, smooth driving and better economy.
Learning the basics of commentary driving will improve your driving drastically.
At the end of the course, drivers are encouraged to make a pledge to drive safely and become road safety champions