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Pedestrian Death Hotspots
Monday, 08 June 2015 13:14

Pedestrian fatalities in Nairobi account for around 50 per cent of the national pedestrian fatalities. Other cities and towns average a monthly rate of two to three fatalities,” he said.

If you are a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or a motorist in Nairobi, there are nine black spots that you should watch out for.
Here is the list of the black spots and the reasons accidents are common there:
1. Pangani area on Thika Road: Pedestrians are more vulnerable here. Most of them fail to use designated crossing areas. Speeding motorists also end up hitting pedestrians.
A pedestrian avoids using a footbridge and crosses on a non-designated area at Ngara, near the Pangani area, in Nairobi. A barbed wire installed on a road barrier has been cut by pedestrians who avoid using the footbridge.
2. Kasarani-GSU stretch on Thika Road: The footbridges used by pedestrians are far apart and where they are in place, some pedestrians don’t use them.
3. Kenyatta University on Thika Road: Pedestrians’ failure to use designated crossing areas, and failure to obey traffic signs by both pedestrians and motorists. Drunk drivers and speeding motorists end up hitting pedestrians or rolling over
4. Westlands-Kabete Road: No pedestrian crossing signs, and few street lights and speeding.
5. Waiyaki Way near Kangemi flyover: There are no street lights and motorists speed at this section. As in the Maziwa area on Jogoo Road, drunken pedestrians are also knocked down in this section of the highway.
6. Jogoo Road near Maziwa Stage: There are no street lights and pedestrian crossings. Drunken pedestrians also get knocked down by speeding motorists, especially at night.
7. Mombasa Road stretch between Bellevue and City Cabanas: Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are at high risk on this stretch. There are no pedestrian crossings and speeding motorists end up hitting those walking on foot, hit other vehicles or roll on the side of the highway.
8. Ruai Bypass: Speeding, lack of street lights and drunken driving are the causes of accidents on this stretch.
9. Langata near Carnivore junction: Drunken drivers and pedestrians are the main cause of accidents in this area due to the many entertainment joints in the area. Pedestrians also fail to use designated areas when crossing the road.